Now further into my excursion, I have started working on creating and editing my weebly. I have found it slightly hard trying to create and choose a design for the weebly because there is just so much choice and the software is sometimes quite hard to use. I have also begun researching my topic, focusing particularly on what the enlightenment was and then how it influenced Catherine the Great. I have found a bit hard finding the information that I am looking for for my topic as most of the information isn't as specific as I need it to be. I am thinking of trying out a different search engine besides Google so as to find different and hopefully more useful information.

08/07/2013 10:04pm

You need to start to think about firming up on your question and planning your introduction. Look at 2 or 3 main issues you will explore within your topic area and give a hint of your argument in the introduction. Your research should be almost finished now. Let me know how you progress,


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