With starting off with this topic, I had very limited knowledge about Russia and the era of Catherine the Great. However from the background information that we have covered in class on the topic, I have been able to pick my topic for the assignment. I have chosen to study Catherine the Great's influences from Voltaire and Rousseau to the Englightenment. I chose this topic because I am fascinated and intrigued by the englightened way of thinking and wish to gain a knowledge on what influenced Catherine to rule as she did. I look forward to learning more about the regimes and laws that Catherine the Great introduced into Russia and what brought her to introducing them. I have done some limited research so far on the topic and I hope to gather a lot more as the research process continues.

m raffell
08/04/2013 9:34pm

You have chosen an interesting area. You could use correspondence between Catherine and Voltaire and others to look at his influence and then what direction she took because of that influence. May be focus only on the more significant projects so that your essay is not dealing with too much information and you can achieve a sharper analysis.


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